Where You Can Use Synthetic Urine?

Although for common people synthetic urine may seem a weird discovery that lies completely beyond their understanding of common (or natural) things, there is considerable evidence that this chemical product is growing in popularity and expanding its spheres of application. This article is focused on seven most probable ways of using synthetic urine.


Calibration of laboratory equipment

Over a long period of time, theformula of synthetic urine has become almost identical to genuine one, which opens endless opportunities in using it for improving the efficiency of laboratory equipment. Calibration is needed to test if the equipment can properly detect traces of unwanted or illegal substances in human urine, such as steroids, forbidden drugs, amphetamines, marijuana or cocaine, deliberately added to synthetic urine in necessary proportions.

Training medical students

Clinical experiments often involve synthetic urine, and medical students use it to improve their practical skills of conducting urinalysis tests.

students with synthetic urine

Urine therapy and cosmetology

Everyone admits that the idea of using synthetic urine in alternative medicine and cosmetology sounds less repelling than applying the organic product. For instance, fake urea is widely used in moisturizing creams as one of the main ingredients and is said to be good for the skin.

Synthetic urine in catalytic reactions

Chemical properties of urea as a catalyst make it effective in reducing fuel pollutants and converting fuel energy into electricity.

Advertising diapers and detergents

Synthetic urine is widely used in advertising hygiene products and cleaning agents. Marketers rely on its unique properties while imitating a perfect urine stain, an authentic odor or a baby’s pee.

Growing plants in space

According to the report of German Aerospace Center, synthetic urine hypothetically can be used to grow plants in spaceships and possibly in smart greenhouses on other planets. The point is that urine is a powerful source of fertilizers, which can help make extraterrestrial missions self-sufficient.

Fabrication of drug tests

For every plus, there is a minus. As it is a perfect substitute for human pee, some individuals use synthetic urine to pass drug test. Cheating with urine samples is possible because both kinds of urine have the same composition, gravity, and pH levels. In such a way, drug usage or taking prohibited drugs in sports can be concealed, given that the artificial sample is stored properly and heated to the body temperature. Although misapplication of synthetic urine is punishable by law, the incidence of drug test fraud is increasing.