Is It Possible To Pass A Drug Test With Synthetic Urine

Having to pass a drug test after partying the night away is not easy, yet not impossible either, as brilliant chemists have come up with the magic formula – synthetic urine.


What is synthetic urine?

Synthetic or laboratory urine, also known as ‘fake pee’ is a chemical mixture that replicates the molecule and visual qualities of real human urine. Although it is often used to pass drug tests, using laboratory urine to get you off the hook can be really challenging. If you do need to or consider fake pee as an alternative, you need to carefully look at shelf life, type of solution, and whether it’s a single use only product.

Chemical composition

In the era of booming medical technology it’s harder and harder to literally ‘cheat’ on a medical test. Nevertheless, if you are one of those brave-heart cheaters, here’s what you should have in mind when choosing your product.

Whether it comes in the form of a pre-mixed solution or a powder, any good-quality synthetic urine product must contain:

  • Uric acid;
  • Urea;
  • Creatine;
  • Nitrates;
  • Have the right temperature (human body temperature – 90 – 100 degrees F or 32 – 36 degrees C);
  • Have normal pH levels (4.8 – 8);
  • Natural smell and foam;
  • Privacy is the name of the game (drug tests are sometimes monitored). So be cautious!

How to pass a urine test with fake pee?

Synthetic urine can be easily ordered online and you can be 100% certain you will pass your drug testing if the sample you hand in is at the right temperature and has the right composition.

Generally, drug screening tests check for THC (cannabis) metabolites, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, phencyclidine (PCP), and/or alcohol. So, basically you need not worry about other issues relating to any prescribed medication you may be on (except amphetamines or the like), general health condition, sex hormones, or even genetic data.

Why and how to use it?

Well, if you can’t quit weed for health reasons or simply because you enjoy it, don’t you worry. Synthetic urine is always a solution. Using fake pee is no rocket science, just do it in the same way as with real pee. However, always make sure it has the right temperature when you hand it in (see above). Prepare the magic mix right before going to the lab and warm it up in a microwave oven or on the stove. Some products are accompanied by a heating powder or kit. It takes about one hour for the pad to bring the synthetic urine to human body temperature. Shake it well before handing it over to a sample collector to give it a natural, bubbly aspect.

Best synthetic urine to use

Some users recommend sub-solutions, but make sure you read some product reviews before making your choice. Always use trusted online sources!

choose best synthetic urine

What if the test is supervised?

If you have urine test with observation procedures, the best you can do is to either place the sample in an area, which is not under surveillance, or use a fake penis (a Whizzinator containing your synthetic urine) and slide it in your pants.


The highest risk in this case is getting caught. Other than that, fake urine is absolutely fail-safe if you carefully follow the instructions and are cautious and quick when handing in your sample.

Only turn to reliable sources, current lab technology is able to detect low-quality fake urine products. So don’t by the first product you come across.

Shelf life and storage

High-quality synthetic urine products can last up to two years. However, shelf life depends on the brand. Some products expire in one year, others even sooner.

Store your synthetic urine at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can alter its pH levels. High-quality fake urine can be cooled and warmed up easily without any alteration in their ingredients during the product’s two-year shelf life. To avoid any risks though, it is best that you call the manufacturers and ask them about the exact shelf life of the product.

Other tips and tricks

If you’re not brave enough to take your chances with fake pee, then you may consider using a friend’s clean urine. However, if you do opt for synthetic urine, do a thorough research to find out which company is conducting the drug testing for your job and try to get as much information as you can about their testing methods and procedures. If the test is not supervised, you’re safe to use fake urine.

However, if you know somebody will be in the bathroom with you to watch you pee, then it’s best to detoxify before the test.